​Adjuster Corp was established with the view of offering innovative and intuitive loss adjusting and Investigative solutions to insurance companies, private businesses, large corporate companies and government departments both nationally and internationally.

Adjuster Corp’s integrated investigative methods and third-party independence is particularly valuable when clients are faced with complex fraud, misconduct, workplace injury and inappropriate behaviour in the workplace matters. With our expert skill sets in multiple disciplines Adjuster Corp provides clients with the collaborative consulting expertise to resolve difficult workplace allegations, incidents and Insurance related claims.

Our loss adjusting investigations are thorough and explore every possible avenue before making recommendations. We work to produce outcomes which are fair, consistent and accountable under the terms of the policy coverage. We understand the importance of prompt and efficient resolutions which ensure compliance with industry standards and codes of practise.

As qualified lead accident Investigators we specialise in workplace LTI incident investigation. By drawing on our extensive experience and utilising the Incident Cause Analysis Method (ICAM) we determine the root cause of workplace incidents and in turn make recommendations on corrective actions necessary to prevent reoccurrence.

Adjuster Corp investigators are registered Certified Insurance Professionals (CIP) with the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance (ANZIIF). CIP’s are insurance professionals who ensure the best standards of professional practice and integrity through the attainment of an ANZIIF qualification or recognised equivalent, the maintenance of up-to-date technical skills and knowledge through a program of professional development and the adherence to the ANZIIF Code of Ethics.

All Adjuster Corp loss adjusters must maintain a minimum level of Affiliate status with the Australasian Institute of Chartered Loss Adjusters (AICLA) and hold all applicable government licenses. The primary object of AICLA is to advance the Profession (of Loss Adjusting) for the benefit of its practitioners and the public in general through the continual education of its Members and the encouragement of skilled, ethical and sound practice in the Profession.

Four our clients peace of mind, Adjuster Corp is fully insured with Professional Indemnity Cover & Products Liability Cover.
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